There Are 3 Qualities That Distinguish Us from our Competitors

1.We Have Vast Experiences

Established in 1998, KP Computer followed a vision of being a national IT solution and repair business focused on the provision of unparalleled service quality, tailored solutions, and the best-in-class outcome.

With many years of experience, our highly skilled and expert technicians are well versed in providing our domestic and business clients with a high level of IT-related repair and maintenance solutions. We are well versed in helping out clients through all phases of IT related services ranging from designing the most appropriate solution, its implementation, and maintenance and repair services.

With decades of experience, our expert technicians are fully acquainted with all kinds of computer devices manufactured by all the leading brands. This means that whether you need a networking or Wi-Fi solution for your home or office, or are looking for timely and reliable repair services for your desktops and laptops, you can reach out to KP Computer. We are qualified in repairing all kinds of faults associated with hardware components as well as troubleshooting software related issues, recovery of lost data, etc. Moreover, we have the best quality components to replace any irreparable component of your devices.

2. Certified specialists

Considering the rapid evolutions of computer systems and incorporated technologies, our IT experts are regularly trained and certified to ensure that they have the required qualification to offer the best IT services for our clients.

At KP Computer, our technicians are termed as “experts” not only because they have many years of experience but also because they are fully equipped with the most advanced certifications, empowering them to cater according to the latest technological advancements. It does not matter how many years of experience you have, if you do not keep yourself updated with the latest technical revolutions, you may never understand the technical aspects of the latest devices.

This is why we KP Computer assure fully accredited IT technicians who are always updated about the varied technical aspects of the modern computer devices. This regular upgradation of knowledge and skills empower us to recommend the best and most advanced IT solutions for our clients. Therefore, if you are looking to upgrade your existing devices, replace them with the latest models, or looking for their maintenance and repair services, our certified specialists can offer you all.

3. We repair all popular brands

KP Computer proudly offers repair services for desktops and laptops and the hardware components of all the leading brands available in the market. We also have the best quality components in stock that are suitable for all kinds of devices.

At KP Computer, we do not limit ourselves with the knowledge of repairing only one particular brand. Whether you need repair service for your Apple devices, Dell, HP, Sony, Google, Microsoft, Lenovo, and all other leading brands, our expert technicians are fully trained and experienced in repairing devices by all the prominent brands. To assure a timely repair, we always have the best quality components in stock, in case a component needs replacement. This means only at KP Computer, you get the best turnaround time, quickest repair, and high quality replacement of parts.

At KP Computer we also offer repair and replacement of keyboards, screens, and batteries of laptops by all the leading manufacturers. We always make sure that our clients are provided with the best quality replacements at the most affordable prices. Along with the repair services we also offer dust-cleaning service for PCs/laptops as well as thermal paste replacement for laptops.

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